The secret to an amazing new Splashback is in the quality of the finishes.
After all, it was Leonardo Da Vinci who once said 
"Details make perfection"

The final details are as important to us as they are to you and we will work with you tirelessly to have the look and feel you desire to ensure your new Splashback is perfect.

Splashback Features

  • Unlimited limit to paint colours
  • Over 60 glass samples to look at
  • 6mm Safety Toughened used
  • Professional painted
  • Choice of glass & Mirra Star
  • Free cleaning product with installation
  • Customization made to measure

Security: We take the worry out, as we use Australian Regulatory standards and you know you're dealing with qualified and licensed glaziers.

Performance: You get more value as only investing once means a safe investment which will outlive your kitchen.

Appearance: Looks amazing as the reflective surface of glass splashbacks brightens and lightens the room; this adds value to your property as it has a modern feel, never ages, looks always like new.

Convenience: Makes it easy to clean which means no mould as with tiles not only that we provide you with free cleaning product.

Economy: You save time on cleaning as it's so easy and quick to clean and hygienic. Glass splashbacks are affordable

Durability: Last longer as we only use safety toughened glass which is five times stronger than ordinary glass. The glass is professional painted with a quality finish without spotting marks or shadows from sealants and tape behind glass. Splashbacks are customised to your kitchen which means smaller gaps.

Why should I select a glass Splashback as opposed to tiles?

  • Glass splashbacks are clean and hygienic
  • No grout means no mould or mildew
  • Glass splashbacks are easy to clean
  • Heat resistantColour
  • choice is endless
  • Choice of  glass, pattern and Mirra Star
  • Glass Splashbacks are modern and sophisticated
  • The reflective surface of a glass splashback brightens and lightens any room
  • Adds value to your home
  • Glass splashbacks are affordable!